Thursday, August 6, 2009

For Starters

Well, I always knew I should've been skinnier.. I just never had the motivation to lose the weight. I think I look fine the way I am, maybe could lose a bit here.. a bit there.. but other than that I'm perfectly content with the way I look, which I believe is a lot more than most skinny people can say about themselves.
The motivation that I have found is helping my father, who has always helped me out, even if he doesn't think he has. I don't believe there is any better motivation. I started the diet a about a week ago... And have already lost 15lbs. And I have been eating, just no bread, pasta or anything else that I love :(. I'm okay with it, as long as it will help my dad out.
He is in the market for a kidney.. I've got a spare. My sister tried to donate one, was at the very last step, and they pulled the rug out from under her. They didn't let her down lightly they just yanked and let her break her ass. She's got a big heart.. and wanted nothing more than to help her dad. I wish it would've happened for her, not because I'm scared, but just because she wanted it soooo bad.
The last two years of my life have been a roller coaster... not the good kinda that just glide and leave your stomach in the same spot... But the bad kinda that drop with no notice... speed up with out warning... and slam to a spot just to make sure you're paying attention. Well... I guess that might, in your opinion be a good roller coaster.. just not in mine. I like roller coasters like the Avalanche.. smoooooth and easy...
I feel like if my life were a movie, book, or reality series... I'd be super famous... A household name. Eventually when I'm able to, without it being to painful, or when the pain dulls, I'd like to write a book, explaining my life, hopefully helping someone with a a similar situation. I think there's a few more chapters that I need to live before it'll be a bestseller...
Blogs kinda release emotions that you didn't know you had.. and I feel a lot better now that I've written it. Kinda soul cleansing.. if you will.

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  1. I’m glad you are blogging now. I agree that it helps make you feel better. For some reason, the blog I kept before really helped me a ton. I am proud of you for doing this and thankful too. I know it is hard to change your lifestyle, but you are beautiful no matter what and by losing the weight, I think you will only be even more healthy and happy. You’ve always been confident and beautiful! You should take a look at this post: I love this blog! Her family’s triumph after their sister nearly died in a plane crash has changed my life. I read both their blogs before that happened last August, and since then – I’ve only read them even more. I get a lot of strength from them and I admire how true they are.

    Love you! Thanks for everything you are doing!